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Do you want to rock your birth, your way?

Learn how in our live, data-backed childbirth course from a board-certified practitioner and mom.

MOD Mom Childbirth + Postpartum Course

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MOD Mom Sessions

To all the mamas giving birth during a global pandemic, my heart is with you. Literally and figuratively. Working in a hospital setting has given me up close and personal information on how to support mamas during COVID.

And our online live course is perfect for our social distant lifestyle. 

We’ll Cover

What to expect in early labor and how to rock it like a pro
What to expect in active labor and how to stay grounded and focused
What to expect during pushing and the first 5 minutes after birth so you feel safe and empowered
We’ll also talk about how COVID will impact your birth and how to get the support you deserve.

If you feel like birth is



Totally out of your control

If you’ve been told you have to give birth THIS way to do it “right”

I’m here to tell you the truth

You can rock your birth, your way!​


With a little bit of support and guidance, you can have an empowered and joyful experience as you bring your baby into the world.


However your birth unfolds, you’ll know you were in control. Your birth story is yours. And it feels good!


You got this. I’ll make sure of it.


MOD Mom Childbirth + Postpartum Course

Morgan, CNM, WHNP-BC, IBCLC, and mom has spent over a decade perfecting a method of helping new mothers prepare for birth, heal from postpartum, and return to their lives stronger than ever.
I’ve packaged it up into a 4 week training program and on demand coaching service for new parents.
At the start of each month, we offer MOD Mom Sessions to do pregnancy, birth, and postpartum like a pro!


30+ grab-and-go guides with questions to ask your provider, partner, and family, recipes to heal a depleted body, checklists so you know what to pack for the hospital, and how to know if your baby is starving or just fussy. 

Here's what you'll get:

 4 live childbirth + postpartum prep classes ($300 value) 
Unlimited texting for 1 month. Ask your questions, get answers fast! ($200 value)

Value of $500 going for $47.99!!